Projects at University of Illinois Chicago - Archived

Project TitleProject NumberSubmittal Closing Date
2017 UIC Campus Master Plan UpdateA1800101/23/2018
600-C12022 Landscape Architect Retainer Consultant600-C1202207/29/2011
600-C13001 Architecture Retainer Consultant600-C1300103/28/2012
600-C13002 Commissioning Engineer Retainer Consultant600-C1300203/23/2012
600-C13003 Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Retainer Consultant600-C1300303/30/2012
600-C13004 Environmental Remediation Retainer Consultant600-C1300403/23/2012
600-C13005 Exterior Envelope Retainer Consultant600-C1300504/03/2012
600-C13006 Environmental Graphics/Signage & Wayfinding Retainer Consultant600-C1300604/05/2012
600-C13008 Food Service Retainer Consultant600-C1300810/25/2012
600-C13009 Cost Estimating Retainer Consultant600-C1300910/29/2012
600-C14001 Architecture Consultant Retainer600-C1400103/22/2013
600-C14002 Commissioning Engineer Consultant Retainer600-C1400203/21/2013
600-C14003 Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Consultant Retainer600-C1400303/25/2013
600-C14004 Environmental Remediation Consultant Retainer600-C1400403/27/2013
600-C14005 Exterior Envelope Consultant Retainer600-C1400504/03/2013
600-C14006 Environmental Graphics/Signage & Wayfinding Consultant Retainer600-C1400604/02/2013
600-C14007 Fire Alarm/Protection Systems Consultant Retainer600-C1400704/04/2013
600-C14008 Elevator Restoration/Renovation Consultant Retainer600-C1400804/08/2013
600-C14009 Environmental Health and Safety (EHSO) Consultant Retainer600-C1400904/10/2013
600-C14010 Landscape Architect Consultant Retainer600-C1401004/12/2013
600-C14011 Air Compliance Consultant Retainer 600-C1401104/16/2013
600-C14012 Food Service Consultant Retainer600-C1401204/18/2013
600-C16001 - HealthCare Retainer600-C1600112/23/2014
600-C16002 - Utilities Retainer600-C1600212/23/2014
600-C16003 - Project Management Services Retainer600-C1600301/29/2015
600-C16004 - Structural Retainer600-C1600406/09/2015
600-C17001 - Architectural Consultant Retainer600-C1700110/22/2015
600-C17002 - Commissioning Engineer Consultant600-C1700211/03/2015
600-C17003 - M / E / P Consultant Retainer600-C1700311/12/2015
600-C17004 - Building Assessment600-C1700412/17/2015
600-C17006 - Exterior Envelope600-C1700602/25/2016
600-C17007 - EHSO Retainer600-C1700702/16/2016
600-C18001 - Commissioning600-C1800110/11/2016
600-C18002 - Elevators600-C1800201/24/2017
600-C18003 - Life Safety600-C1800311/08/2016
600-C18004 - Utilities Retainer600-C1800404/25/2017
600-C1900 - Environmental Retainer600-1900104/10/2018
600-C19016 Health Care Retainer600-C1901610/05/2018
600-C19017 - Structural Engineer Retainer600-C1901710/12/2018
600-C19023 - Project Management Services Retainer600-C1902304/12/2019
600-C19024 - Landscape Architect Retainer600-C1902411/09/2018
600-C19103 - Architect Retainer600-C1910306/14/2019
600-C20001 - Architect Retainers600-C2000111/15/2019
600-C20002 - MEP Retainers600-C2000209/06/2019
600-C20003 - Building Assessment Retainers600-C2000309/27/2019
600-C20004 - Utilities Retainers600-C2000410/04/2019
600-C21013 - Lifr Safety Retainer600-C2101301/15/2021
600-C21014 - Elevator Retainer600-C2101401/29/2021
600-C21015 - Commissioning Retainer600-C2101501/07/2021
601-C12075 Repair the Exterior Facade of University Hall601-C1207512/11/2012
601-C12075 Repair the Exterior Facade of University Hall601-C1207512/02/2014
604A-C12021 Renovation of Lecture Center A1604A-C1202102/06/2012
604C-C18029 - Lecture Center C Renovation604C-C1802903/23/2018
605-C12041 Repurpose Student Center East Pool Facility605-C1204110/04/2012
605-C17034 - Fire Alarm and Protection System - SCE605-C1703405/08/2018
605-C19070 - Replace Air Handlers and Booster Coils - Student Center East605-C1907012/17/2019
607 - SEL Facility Improvements607-C1401602/14/2014
609-C12056 HVAC and Electrical Improvements at RJDL609-C1205611/15/2012
609-C19052 - Daley Library Facade Repairs - Phase 1609-C1905202/04/2021
609-C21016 - Daly Library Roof Replacement609-C2101602/10/2021
609-C21016 - Daly Library Roof Replacement609-C2101602/12/2021
610-C14042 - East Cogen Cooliing Tower Replacement610-C1404206/11/2015
619-C12066 Masonry Repairs at Science and Engineering South619-C1206602/28/2013
619-C20024 - Renovate Classroom 250 - SES619-C2002410/26/2020
619-C20024 - Renovate Classroom 250 - SES619-C2002410/29/2020
619-C20024 - Renovate Classroom 250 - SES619-C2002411/05/2020
619-C20024 - Renovate Classroom 250 - SES619-C2002411/09/2020
621-C15030 - COE Makerspace621-C1503006/03/2020
621-C15030 - COE Makerspace621-C1503006/05/2020
623-C14034 - Window and Facade Repair623-C1403405/09/2014
624-C19010 Replace Roof on Building 624624-C1901009/09/2020
627-C16018 - Conceptual Study627-C1601812/22/2015
628-C12063 Roof and Facade Repairs at Art and Architecture628-C1206308/01/2014
632-C13014 Advanced Chemical Technology Building632-C1301411/19/2013
633-C19068 - Replace Fire Alarm System - Physical Education Building633-C1906810/26/2020
641-C19066 - Replace Hot Water Boilers - Art and Exhibition Hall641-C1906602/09/2021
648-C13006 Engineering Research Facility Roof Repair648-C1300611/27/2012
648-C16021 - ERF Clean Room648-C1602111/28/2017
673-C19099 - First Floor Renovation - S. Halsted673-C1909906/02/2020
673-C19099 - First Floor Renovation - S. Halsted673-C1909906/04/2020
699-C13043 Soccer Field Renovation - South Campus699-C1304307/17/2013
699–C13054 SOUTH CAMPUS SYNTHETIC TURF699–C1305407/02/2013
699-C16051 - UIC College of Engineering Modular Design Building699-C1605105/24/2016
699-C16051 - UIC College of Engineering Modular Design Building699-C1605108/09/2016
699-C18017 - UIC Center for the Arts699-C1801712/14/2017
699-C18041 Computer Design Research and Learning Center699-C1804109/14/2018
699-C18041 Computer Design Research and Learning Center699-C1804105/31/2019
899-C12052 Rockford Energy Performance Contract899-C1205208/03/2012
907-C13055 - Basement Waterproofing and Window Replacement907-C1305503/06/2014
909-C12026 COM Learning Center Space Renovation909-C1202604/16/2012
909-C12070 Facade Repair and Window Replacement at CMWT909-C1207012/01/2012
909-C19044 - Air Handling Unit - 908/909 5th Floor909-C1904408/06/2020
909-C19044 - Air Handling Unit - 908/909 5th Floor909-C1904408/04/2020
909-C19044 - Air Handling Unit - 908/909 5th Floor909-C1904408/04/2020
910-C18033 - 5th Floor Auditorium - CMET910-C1803312/10/2020
919-C18028 - High Pressure Steam Boiler - MBRB919-C1802805/19/2020
919-C18028 - High Pressure Steam Boiler - MBRB919-C1802805/21/2020
920-C19053 - Clinical Sciences Building Facade Repair and Window Replacement920-C1905305/27/2020
920-C21025 - Upgrade BAS - CSB920-C2102511/02/2020
924-C12005 Design Two Classrooms for Distance Learning Center in Pharmacy924-C1200502/14/2012
924-C12048 College of Pharmacy East Wing Roof Replacement and Tuckpointing924-C1204807/16/2012
924-C19100 - Mechanical Upgrades - Pharmacy Lab 411924-C1910009/09/2020
929-C14063 - Clinical Performance Center929-C1406310/16/2014
932-C19079 - Replace Mechanical Equipment - BRL932-C1907905/17/2019
932-C19079 - Replace Mechanical Equipment - BRL932-C1907902/09/2021
932-C19079 - Replace Mechanical Equipment - BRL932-C1907902/11/2021
935-C15061 - Research Laboratories - MSB935-C1506105/26/2016
936-C11045 College of Nursing Building - Repair Facade936-C1104511/08/2011
940-C12007 Dentistry Modernization and Code Compliance940-C1200708/15/2011
948-C20030 - Replace MRI #2 - OCC948-C2003003/10/2021
948-C20030 - Replace MRI #2 - OCC948-C2003003/10/2021
949-C13050 UIHHSS New Operating Room and Emergency Department Renovation949-C1305005/31/2013
949-C14045 - Mechanical - Electrical Upgrades949-C1404507/17/2014
949-C14046 - New Lobby - Southwest Plaza949-C1404612/10/2014
949-C14047 - Hospital Envelop Repairs949-C1404710/15/2014
949-C19027 - OB Emergenct Room Renovation949-C1902712/16/2019
949-C19027 - OB Emergenct Room Renovation949-C1902712/12/2019
950-C17024 - Surgical Teaching Laboratories - NPI950-C1702406/09/2017
950-C19049 - NPI Facade Repaies - Phase 1950-C1904907/26/2019
975-C19054 - Repair Elevators - School of Public Health and Psychiatric Institute975-C1905409/28/2020
975-C19054 - Repair Elevators - School of Public Health and Psychiatric Institute975-C1905409/30/2020
975-C19054 - Repair Elevators - School of Public Health and Psychiatric Institute975-C1905402/08/2021
975-C19054 - Repair Elevators - School of Public Health and Psychiatric Institute975-C1905402/15/2021
975-C19055 - Facade and Roof Repair and Window Replacement - SPHPI975-C1905502/28/2020
999-C11036 UIC Utilities Master Plan999-C1103606/01/2011
999-C12014 Parking Services999-C1201408/09/2012
999-C12065 Elevator Modernization in CUPPA Hall (642) and BGRC (933)999-C1206509/25/2012
999-C18020 - Ambulatory Surgery Center999-C1802012/15/2017
999-C18020 - Ambulatory Surgery Center999-C1802002/23/2018
999-C19020 - Drug Discovery and Innovation Pavilion999-C1902012/14/2018
Air Compliance Retainer Consultant600-C1300710/23/2012
C12004 - East Side Energy Performance Contract - Phase IC1200401/09/2012
Center for Advanced Research in Behavioral Neurobiology (CARBN)975-700-0503/07/2005
Furnish and install hoods in Room 551 Pharmacy924-C1102005/06/2011
Lab Research Facility Renovation - College of Dentistry940-C1002403/26/2010
LISRI RENOVATIONC0803112/21/2010
Magnetic Resonance Imaging System - Building 980980-C1100901/21/2011
Masonry Repairs & Window Replacement at Bldg 908 CMW and North Facade Bldg 911 CSN999-C1206912/01/2012
MEP and Vault Construction in Radiation Oncology948-C1004801/20/2011
Mile Square Health Center929-C1101410/23/2012
New College of Medicine Administration SpaceC1002005/09/2011
Pharmacy Electrical and Mechanical Upgrade and Renovation924-C1101304/11/2011
Pharmacy Renovation and Artist Rendering924-C1004112/12/2010
Renovate 1st Floor & Modernize Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System at LHS942-C1206204/05/2013
Retainer - Environmental Remediation Consultant600-704-1106/01/2010
Retainer - Fire Alarm/Protection Systems 600-706-1106/01/2010
Retainer - UIMCC Commissioning949-C10030C04/16/2010
SEL Renovations607-C1202802/27/2012
UIMCC Instrastructure Modernization and Renovation949-C1003004/02/2010
University of Illinois at Chicago Master Plan UpdateA0800110/12/2007
Welcome Atrium - UI Hospital949-C1404605/12/2020
Welcome Atrium - UI Hospital949-C1404605/14/2020